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How to make your website customer-friendly

The difference between an average website and a great one is a balance between great design, useful information, and navigation and functionality that make it easy to use.

Making your customers look great is your area of expertise. But your website has to be more than pretty to show people and search engines that you are the beauty professional they have been looking for! Having a great website is one of the most important aspects of your business in today’s internet dominated world. When your website is user-friendly, it will encourage your visitors to look around and come back to visit again and again.

Here are some tips to create a more valuable experience for your customers.

Make sure important information is easy to find.

Your website should include your phone number on every page so customers know how to contact you.Keep it in the same location on every page so it’s easy to find. Also make sure you include information on who you are, where you work, your hours, what services you offer and your prices. That way customers have access to this information any time of the day or night without having to call you. This also filters out visitors who are looking for a service that you don’t offer, ones that don’t live close to where you work or those that are looking for a specific price range. The potential customers that do contact you already know you are the right fit for them!

Make sure your website is mobile friendly.

This one is absolutely essential! Your website must work on tablets and mobile phones as well as desktops or laptops. Here’s why…

Since a growing number of website traffic now comes from people on mobile devices, a poor mobile experience will drive away potential customers! A desktop-only site that is hard to use on mobile devices will leave a poor first impression.

Google will show your website higher up in search results if it is mobile friendly. Try it out for yourself! Do a Google search on your phone and you will see the words Mobile-friendly in the top results.

Offer online booking.

Your time is valuable and best spent giving your clients the personal attention they expect! Answering a phone call in the middle of someone’s haircut or perm is not good customer service. With online booking, you streamline the process for customers that want the ability to schedule their appointment when it’s convenient for them and cuts down on the time you have to spend on the phone. Of course, some people may prefer to call but that option will still be available to them.

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